our partners

Cob in the Community is collaborating with ELL to deliver training and will be based at our site.

Award winning beehouse currently based onsite, our artist in residence, partner in delivering regular educational sessions.

We have had strong ties with the Redmond Community Centre cohosting events, feasts and foraging walks, sharing resources and volunteer time, delivering workshops and helping with local community festivals.

Capital Growth has supported us in many ways over the years, in a longstanding partnership.

Spiralseed runs PDC training on site and is involved in our regular skillshares.

Tomas Remiarz, author of Real Life Forest Gardens is supporting our skillshares, and has used our project as a case study.

Folk Labs built our current website for us, and continues to lend us their technical expertise, as part of their ongoing work to help local nonprofits.

Carolina Stupino works with us to deliver free, accessible community cooking workshops around Forest Garden produce, and leads sessions in our garden.

Rasheeqa Ahmad of Hedge Herbs runs foraging walks and training with us. 

We continue to have close links with the Transition Town Network. Our organisation was formed as a sister project to Transition Finsbury Park, we work together with a shared ethos. Michael Stuart of Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn has teamed up with us to lead foraging in Finsbury Park. 

Haringey Council are supporting us to develop our current site, and other spaces within Finsbury Park.

The Orchard Project is doing wonderful work to plant and maintain orchards across the UK. Jo Homan works for them part time, so inevitably there's some collaboration going on there.

Russell Miller runs the Tree Musketeers and is involved in Hackney Community Tree Nursery - responsible for many of North London's fruit tree plantings. 

We do regular work with children from Skinners Academy and other local schools.

Gemma Harris of Urban Harvest provides expertise and pioneering ideas in forest garden planting and cooking.

Claire White is a friend of ELL and a teacher on our courses.

We have worked closely with the other delivery partners of Manor House PACT, a consortium that gained lottery funding for the Manor House area from 2013-2016. This funding allowed us to offer lots of training, some of it accredited, at ELL, completely ramping up what we had to offer. The lead partner was Manor House Development Trust. There were several other delivery partners, including Green and Castle, the London Wildlife Trust and Groundworks. Strategic partners were Genesis Housing, Berkeley Homes and London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey.

The Castle Climbing Centre is a wonderful venue for training, we continue to share volunteers, resources and collaborate on workshops.

Wheelytots provides us with large bike trailers when we need to transport heavy items.

LEAP and their micro anaerobic digestion unit, has helped provide plant digestate which we use to build soil fertility.

We are regularly supplied with wood chip from local tree surgeons, such as Custom Cutters. The local community donate their unused  plant pots, and other garden items they no longer need.