Creating A Forest Garden #2 2014

Here is the summary of main feedback received on forms

List of plants we cover and notes (thanks Alex)

And of course there's Plants for a Future Database, the Agroforestry Research Trust and plenty more....

Link to our nascent forest garden project in Spain.

CLIMATE CHANGE AND FOOD SECURITY George Monbiot linking UK flood damage to maize production

TAXONOMY What's the difference between a cultivar and hybrid?

BOTANY Amazing glossary of plant terms from Kew Gardens and UK seed germination toolbox and the medicinal plants names services. What incredible resources!

SOIL Week 8 Lewis's talk about nutrients in soil (thanks Jerome)

SOIL Life in the soil film - in Spanish.

SOIL AND PLANT CHOICES Dynamic accumulators (thanks Patrick)

Plantastic on Ted talks (thanks Maia)

FOOD PRESERVATION Lactofermentation article