what the plants are up to: July 2012

Our showcase bed has been primped, re-signed and has a few losses and additions in 2012: in come seed-grown Loquat and True Service Tree. Out go Medlar and Chinese Dogwood - both non-starters. Caucasian spinach died suddenly in June, but fortunately we have 40 seedling plants growing very well at our supplementary nursery (at Parkwood Primary School) as well as the splendid specimen in the propagation area.

Our edible hedge, showcase salad bed and mother bed are nicely established, we have loads of successful cuttings from the spring and quite a few grafted trees. In our rootstock area, there's some plants that we propagated last year that could do with planting out. To this end, we had a plant give away in May at which we gave plants to four schools, Greenwich University, the Castle Climbing Centre and four communal gardens. Projects pay for plants by exchange, with a donation or not at all.

Seeds collected from Plants for a Future last year didn't germinate, but we have had success with Quince and Service Tree, amongst others. Sea Buckthorns, Siberian Pea Tree and Eleagnus are looking great, we have some nice new scramblers to propagate from - thornless blackberry, loganberry and tayberry. Our plants are listed here. On this spreadsheet you'll see what plants we have, where they're planted, how many we have, what parts to eat, how to propagate them, what plants we want and even which plants have been used in other projects.

WHAT WE NEED TO DO NEXT is to systematically put into action a programme of propagation to make sure we have plenty of what we want. We need signage for the edible hedge and to get hold of extra plants for our shady salad bed - e.g. Plum Yew and Groundcover Raspberry. We also want to buy loads of special pots which air prune the roots, thereby developing healthy roots.