The Challenge III

photographing a frog We've worked with the The Challenge quite a few times before (See here and here) and it's always been great fun. This year we wanted them to help us set up a new forest garden down by the New River. We started off by paying the local supermarket, Green Express, a visit to collect their unwanted cardboard packaging. The 16 year olds worked extremely hard to carry the cardboard bundles along Seven Sisters Road and to the site, a small pocket park just near the junction with Woodberry Down. This is a wildlife garden and while we were there we found three frogs - provoking lots of interest!

Next we took apart the cardboard bundles, removed plastic and tape and flattened out the boxes. The Challenge students were well-organised, forming a line to distribute and lay out the waste packaging. This will provide a light excluding barrier that will ensure all the existing weeds are killed. When we plant out the forest garden plants later in the year they will benefit from the lack of competition from plants like bramble, nettles and most of all, grass.

In just a very short space of time the student had the site well covered and we were ready to go back to the Edge Youth hub where delicious pizza was being cooked by one of the other Challenge teams. Well done Challenge guys and thanks again for helping us out!




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