Edible Landscapes Leaves

Our plants are now so productive we think we could provide leaves for salad bags. These would be salad bags with a difference because they'd be full of unusual perennial leaves like Shasta Daisy, Saltbush and Ice Plant. We'd also be able to pop in a few flowers like Mallow, Naturtium and Day Lilies. We'd call these bags "Edible Landscapes Leaves, GrowN4u".

Perennial salad leaves are excellent because:

  • perennial plants don't need to be planted every year so you get a crop earlier in the season and there's no 'hungry gap' (don't have to wait for seeds to grow etc.)
  • no annual tillage means soil life is preserved and enhanced
  • having a mixture of different food crops (growing a polyculture in a forest garden) promotes biodiversity and ensures our plants are not stressed (not competing with each other)
  • we don't need to add fertilizers or pesticides to our happy plants and we hardly even need to water them
  • there are lots of exciting new tastes to try out

Here are some pictures of us eating the leaves we love. Alex is munching Mulberry, Simon is chomping Ice Plant and Alison is tucking into Shasta Daisy. Which leaves will you love?